August 17, 2023

Have you thought about selling your rentals (We get it)

We buy a lot of houses from Land lords that want to sell their rental and get out of the game. We get it, owing rental properties can be tough. Dealing with tenants, evictions, bad contractors and termites isn’t fun. We buy rentals and flip houses for a living but we certainty aren’t immune to these issues. We have tough times too. Just like this rental that we had fully renovated 2 years ago only to figure out later that the contractor did a bad job. We deal with these issues all the time. Long term we think managing these issues is worth it so if you are having a rough time as a landlord we encourage you to stick it out. But if you are ready to sell and move on we understand and would be interested in buying your entire portfolio.

Check out the video of our Founder Steve Keighery talking about the issues he found on one our rental properties. You can also read the transcript below

Video Transcript

Hey guys, Aussie Steve here from Home by Louisiana. We Buy Houses in any condition in Louisiana. I’m here at a house that the landlord owns. The house has some issues and the owner has been frustrated. The twist on this one is I’m the owner of this property.  I just want to show you guys the house. I think I did a video on it when I bought it about two years ago. It was in really bad shape and we did a full renovation on it.

Just want to show you that we buy a lot of problem properties, and owning rentals and property can be challenging. You have contractors that don’t do good jobs, and you might have difficult tenants. This house, for example, had someone break in and steal a brand new fridge just before I rented it out.

We had some tenants in place, but they recently left. The new flooring we had put in about two years ago is coming up now. Our contractor did a bad job, and it’s causing issues. The tiles are loose, and it’s a problem that needs fixing. This was part of a full renovation, and now I have to replace the floors again.

Apart from that, the paint is scuffed up, which is normal wear and tear for a landlord. I want to emphasize that I face these issues too. I love property and do this for a living, so I’m used to dealing with these things. We set aside reserves because we know things will happen, and when they do, we handle them.

These challenges don’t turn me off from property investment. I want to acknowledge that it can be tough managing these properties. If you have a bad run with multiple houses facing damage, it can be overwhelming. For instance, I’ve had to replace several air conditioning systems recently due to the heat.

If you don’t have enough reserves and encounter a bad tenant or major equipment breakdowns, it can be hard to manage. So, my advice is to keep going and budget for these unexpected expenses. If you’re not interested in continuing, I understand, and we’re willing to buy properties. If you’re on the fence, I encourage you to persevere because property investment pays off over time, though it takes patience.

If you can hold onto properties long-term, you’ll find success. Whether you decide to keep going or sell, remember to budget for repairs, identify reliable contractors, and plan for contingencies. If you’re considering selling, you can reach out to us at and we would buy the house as is.

Thanks, guys! Cheers.

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