December 1, 2023

We bought this dated and damaged Gentilly home

This was a house that we bought in Gentilly. The seller didn’t have the time, energy, money or inclination to update the house for a new home owner so sold it to us in as is condition. You can watch the video of our Founder Aussie Steve talking about the situation and the property or you can read the transcript below.

Video Transcript

Hey guys, Aussie Steve here from Home Buyer Louisiana. We buy houses in any condition in Louisiana. I’m here at a property we just closed on, I literally just came back from the closing.  I just walked the property again with my contractor and my realtor to get our plan together because we’re going to flip this one.

The seller’s story on this one is that she reached out to me. She’s owned the home for a long time, she bought it just before Hurricane Katrina. Now she’s moving, she’s ready to go, she’s moving to California where her family’s at, so she wanted to sell it. Normally people want to sell really fast because we buy houses fast, but it was a little bit different with her because she was moving. She was planning to move, so we planned to close on December 1st, which is today. She wanted to close on December 1st, and that was maybe about 7 or 8 weeks ago. So, we did it all, we put it under contract, we got ready, and we closed on the 1st. So, you know, we do close fast, but if you don’t want to close fast, if you want to close slow, if you have a date that you actually want to close on, we’ll make that happen.

She literally cleared out the house as best she could. There’s still some stuff here. She had a car parked in the front. I actually drove her to the closing because she just didn’t want to drive that much. Drove her back, and if she had the car packed with the last stuff, and she’s gone first December, and now she’s going to go to California, etc. So, you know, we’re really easy, we listen to what you need, and we try to do a solution where we give you what you need, you know, make an easy sale, painless, you know, pay your fair price, you know, and we’ll be really easy to work with. And you know, for us, we get a good project to work on.

This house isn’t in too bad condition if you consider some of the houses we buy.  There was damage from Hurricane Ida, so we came through on a ceiling, so I got to obviously replace that. It’s just not too bad. I’m actually going to have to update this a bit because we are going to flip it. If it was a rental, I probably would just keep that, but, you know, we’re going to update it. So, you know, she got to leave, she had to clean the stuff, as when you start you don’t need to clean all your stuff out. So she left behind what she didn’t want to take, and the rest is ours to deal with.

There’s a little bit of termite damage, it’s hard to see, these little pinholes, but not too bad. If you see the properties we flip, this one’s not too bad. So, you know, we were able to work with the seller, give her what she wanted, close on the date she wanted, pay her a fair price, and you know, we turned up, we closed, and now we’re going to start our flip.

So, if you’re looking to sell a house in Louisiana, give us a call. You know, we’re happy to discuss your situation, see if we can help you out. We’re always friendly and helpful. We don’t need to buy every house, so like, we’re not, there’s no pressure to sell your house to us. We don’t need to buy any one house or some of the calls we’re looking just to speak and help and give advice. And if we’re a good option to buy, then we’ll buy it, and if we’re not, we’ll tell you that, and we’ll give you advice on what you probably should do. So, thanks guys, check out our website for more information about us. Thank you.

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