February 13, 2018

Thinking of Selling your house “For Sale By Owner”?

Selling your house “For Sales By Owner” can be a good way to save on real estate commissions. If you sell this way you will get more of your houses sale price going into your pocket. You do need to present your house well, with professional photos to post online and make yourself available for showings. You should be prepared to answer your phone when it rings (be this day or night). If you have spare time and can manage this then it may be worth saving on the realtor commissions. If you don’t have the time to create a professional listing for your property or manage the interested parties then perhaps a realtor is the way to go instead of selling For Sale By Owner.

You could sell direct to an Investor

The other alternative is to sell direct to an investor. The benefit of this is you are dealing with someone who buys houses for a living and will be able to figure out very quickly if they want to buy your house and what they would pay for it. You don’t need to post your address or information about your house publicly and field lots of phone calls. Investors look at houses all day and its all about the numbers and not emotions. This means you don’t need to clean up your property and stage it for viewings. If your house needs repairs this doesn’t bother an investor as they have people that fix those things.

If you FSBO or Sell Direct it should be a Cash Sale

When doing a For Sale By Owner listing or selling direct to an investor then you should really do a cash sale. When someone needs to organize financing it makes the process much longer and there are more things to organize. If you have a realtor they know how to manage this but if you are selling the house yourself you probably don’t want to deal with this. With a cash sale you don’t get issues with bank valuations or banks requesting repairs from inspections. Cash sales are also much faster to close and the sale can be done as soon as the title is cleared through a title attorney.

Get a Cash Offer from Home Buyer Louisiana

If you are thinking of selling your house “For Sales By Owner” you may want to consider getting a cash offer direct from Home Buyer Louisiana. If you press the “Get Cash Offer” button on this page and fill out your address in our secure webform someone from the office will call you. They will ask a few questions about the condition of the house and give you an idea of we could pay for it for an all cash as-is sale. If the number is in your ballpark we will do a quick inspection of the property and give you a firm written cash offer. If the numbers work for you then you could be paid in as little as 7 days and avoid putting your details on a public listing and taking lots of phone calls.

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