August 6, 2022

We bought this inherited house in Marrero in As Is condition

We buy a lot of inherited houses like the one in this video. When someone inherits a house that isn’t in good condition they often don’t have the physical or emotional energy to clean the house out and get it ready for a new home owner. They often reach out to us because they just want to sell the inherited house direct to an investor like us who will buy it in as is condition. In this video our Founder Steve Keighery talks about this inherited house we bought in Marrero. You can watch the video or read the transcript below.

Video Transcript

Hey guys, it’s Aussie Steve from Home Buyer Louisiana, we buy houses in any condition in Louisiana. I’m here at a property that we’re in the process of purchasing. We are on the West Bank of Jefferson Parish in Marrero.

The sellers had reached out to us on this property, they were looking to sell it. They had inherited the house from their father who unfortunately passed away. The house isn’t in great condition. The roof got some damage from the hurricane. Also, it’s full of a lot of stuff, and they didn’t want to go through the stress of cleaning the house. There are a few things they definitely want in the house, but the rest they really just want to leave behind, so they reach out to us to sell in as is condition. They had already started with the process of succession but they are yet to finish it, so our title Attorneys will help them with it.

Since they had started with succession, they were able to enter the contract with us and we’re just finalizing it, and as soon as that’s done, we’ll close on it. I’ll show you around.

You’ll see that it’s clearly not ready for a homeowner. They really needed a cash home buyer to come and take this as they couldn’t have sold it to a homeowner.

There are a lot of belongings in the house, and most of them, they don’t want to keep. You can see all the mold along the wall, and the reason for that is it’s exposed to elements. The roof also has some issues. So, it needs a fair bit of work to fix it up, and they just weren’t ready to do that.

When you inherit a property like this, if you’ve got the skills, time and money to fix it up, then you probably should do that because you will be able to sell it to a homeowner and get more money that way. What we like to do is to come in and fix it up by doing this, we are adding value to the property. If you’ve got the skills, time and money then you should do it as well.

But understandably, not everyone wants to get in and clean a house out. That’s what we do. And sometimes it makes more sense to sell it to us. The house is in a decent part of Marrero, so we can still afford to pay them a good price for it. Also, the whole process is easy and hassle free for the owner.

So maybe you know someone with a house to sell  like this.  Tell them to reach out to us, we are happy to discuss the options to sell your house and to give you the best advice. You could also visit our website,, there are lots of helpful information there

Thank you so much for your time, guys. I appreciate it.


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