September 29, 2020

We bought this vacant double that had squatters

We bought this vacant double in Gretna. It used to be a rental but while it was vacant squatters moved in and trashed the place. The owners lived out of state so it took a while to realize what was going on. While they were able to get the squatters out the damage had already been done and the house wasn’t in a condition for new tenants or to sell to a new owner. While rentals are meant to make you money this one was costing the owner lots of money with property taxes and code violations piling up. Some of these costs had been recorded as liens against the property and it was all becoming too much for the owners to handle.

The owner decided enough was enough and that they would sell the house in As Is condition and move on. Since we are cash buyers we don’t need to get a bank to approve a loan and inspect the property. This means the condition isn’t an issue so we can buy it and use our network to fix up the property for a new tenant or owner. Selling your house this way means there is also a lot less red tape to go through so you can sell your house fast. We were able to pay the owners a price that worked for them and that gave us the room we needed to be able to get the rehab complete. We love these win-win opportunities when we are able to turn a problem into a great outcome for the seller and also get a nice project for us to work on.

If you have a house that you are looking to sell in Louisiana then reach out to Home Buyer Louisiana to see if we are a good option for you. You can sell your house with tenants, with termites, with foundation issues or a leaking roof. We are really easy to work with and will only buy your property if it works for you. Feel free to give us a call or fill in our online form to discuss your situation. Even if we don’t end up being your buyer we happy to give you advice and discuss the different options you have to sell your house.

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We bought this Marrero house in As Is condition

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