March 11, 2020

We buy houses in As Is condition like this Metairie Property

We love buying houses in Metairie and don’t mind buying a fixer upper like this one. The seller reached out to us on this one as they wanted to sell their house fast without having to fix it up. Since we are cash buyers we can make quick buying decisions and don’t bank approvals, inspections and appraisals. We were able to make a cash offer to the seller which worked for them. You can watch the video to see the condition of the property and our founder Steve Keighery talking about the situation and the property. You can watch the video or read the transcript below.


I’m here at a property we’re looking to purchase, we’re on the East Bank at Jefferson Parish in Metairie. This property is vacant, and it has a little bit of damage. It’s also dated so the seller reached out to us because they would like to sell it for cash in as is condition. They didn’t want to have to fix it up to get it ready for listing with a realtor. They also didn’t want to go through the countless inspections that come with listing. They prefer to sell it in as is condition to a cash buyer like us who can move fast. We buy properties like this all the time.

The floors are pretty dated, and there’s some soft spots as I walk around. They’re quite mismatched, so definitely, the floor needs to be updated. It’s a two-bedroom house, probably more of a rental area to be honest. It’s going to need some updating.

In the kitchen, there’s some water there. There was some roof damage and water has been coming in through it thereby causing damage. So, it’s just not ready to be listed with a realtor for a homeowner to buy, and that’s why they reach out to us. We like buying houses like this, because that’s what we can add value to.

We buy in pay cash, move really fast, and the entire transaction is super easy with us. After this, we then update the property. That’s where we add value to it. and We can then flip it to a homeowner or keep it as a rental. But like I said, this area is more of a rental area than a homeowner area, so we’ll most likely turn this into a rental.

We have a variety of different ways we can buy properties, so we try to be versatile so we can tailor the situation to the needs of the individual that’s selling.

So, guys, if you’re looking to sell a house, reach out to us at Check out our website, we have a lot of information there about the different options available to you to sell your house. You’ll see a lot of case studies of the people that have sold properties to us. We will give you a lot of information just to get you more informed, and maybe even want to sell to little cash buyers like us. Also, we will advise you on selling through a realtor and all other options that may be available to you considering your peculiar situation, so you can pick the best for you.

So, speak to us if you’re looking to sell your house.

Thanks for listening, and have a great day.

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