September 21, 2020

We helped these heirs go through succession so we could buy their house

We bought this house from the heirs who had inherited it. Sadly the owner on title had passed away a few years earlier and his wife was living there. She wanted to move out of state and they wanted to sell the house and move on. The owner had passed away with no will and had 5 children who were rightful heirs so the house had to go through succession before it could be sold. The house also had a number of issues. There had been previous termite damage and while the termites were removed the work to repair the damage was not complete. There were also lots of patches, missing baseboard and other deferred maintenance that were needed.

Obviously this house was not in the legal position or the physical condition to be sold through a realtor to a homeowner. The heirs didn’t want to spend the money to repair the house and do the succession. They reached out to us and we were able to agree to pay the price they wanted for the property. We entered into a sales contract with all but one of the heirs and got our title attorney to do the succession work for the family. Since one of the heirs didn’t sign the attorney had to go to court and follow the property legal proceedings and advertise the succession. This means they weren’t able to sell their house fast like we normally operate. We also had COVID-19 hit and shut the courts down which slowed down this process. It ended up taking about 5 months but we were able to get the succession successfully completed and we closed on the property as soon as it did. We bought the house in As Is condition so the heirs have no warranties or responsibilities on the condition of the house and we take responsibility for all the repairs.

The heirs were very happy because they were able to sell their inherited property and didn’t have to pay for the succession upfront or pay for any of the repairs. We were also happy to be able to help them out and have a new project for us to work on. If you have inherited a house in Louisiana that you want to sell then we will be happy to discuss your options and see if Home Buyer Louisiana would be a good fit as a buyer. You can give us or fill in our online form. If you want more information succession process in Louisiana.

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