March 15, 2022

Sell your gutted house to Home Buyer Louisiana

We buy gutted houses in as is condition. Like this one in New Orleans East which we bought for cash in as is condition. We like to add value to properties so a gutted house is like a blank canvas for us. In this video you can see our founder Steve Keighery walking through this gutted house that we bought. He talks about the situation with the seller and the house. Watch the video or read the transcript below.

Video Transcript

I’m here at a house we’re looking to purchase. We are in Orleans Parish in New Orleans East. You can probably already see the house is gutted, it’s a house that’s not ready to be sold to a homeowner so the owners reached out to us. They had seen our website, videos and stuff, so they wanted to sell in as is condition. It’s quite a sentimental property for them, they’ve owned it for a long time. It’s been vacant since Katrina, but they lived in it as a family residence for quite a while before Katrina so they had held onto it.

They considered rehabbing it themselves, but unfortunately, the owner’s husband had passed away several years ago. Although they still had hopes of renovating it, they realized now that they wanted to move to Slidell, and it just wasn’t worth holding on to the property. When houses are left vacant, oftentimes, they deteriorate, and you get termites and unwanted guests coming in. She realized it was time for her to move on. So, she decided to turn the house into some cash to help them move to a new area and keep getting on with their lives.

They reached out to us, and we’re happy to buy houses like this. Obviously, you can see it’s pretty much a blank slate. It’s actually in a pretty good condition for a Katrina house. It might sound funny because the house looks fully gutted, but lots of houses when they sit vacant after Katrina, they’re often close to tear downs. But for this, the frames are pretty good; I haven’t seen evidence of termites yet, which is very uncommon in these vacant houses.

Nonetheless, this needs a lot of work, but it’s also very doable. We can add our own touches, our own finishes, modernize it up, and make it ready for a new homeowner.

For any homeowner who’s looking to buy a house to live in, this would be very daunting for them, and obviously, they wouldn’t really want to purchase a house like this. For us, we get excited by this. When I walk around the house, I see the possibilities. If you’re not in real estate, you might just see a bunch of sticks, but no, it is more than that.

This is the sort of property we would love to restore to its former glory. While it was hard for the sellers to sell, I think they’re going to be glad to see it when it’s done and to be able to see that another family is going to be able to move in, and they’re going to make their own memories and history in the house.

We love such win-win-win situations. The owners are happy to put that cash in their pocket and move on with a real easy sale; we’re happy to get a project we can get stuck into and sell to a new homeowner, so we got a profitable project; and lastly, there is the new homeowner who is going to move in and really enjoy the house. So, everyone wins.

If you have a house you are looking to sell, it could be gutted like this or better, and you may even have tenants living in it, we would love to discuss it with you. However, if your house is beautiful and ready for a homeowner, just list it with a realtor because that’s where you’re going to get the most money from. You will be able to sell it to people who are making use of bank finance, and they’re going to stretch themselves. But if the house needs repairs, and isn’t ready for a homeowner, and you don’t want to make those repairs, then selling to a cash house buyer like us may be a good option for you. We’re really easy to work with.

Visit our website, you’ll see a lot of information about options on selling your house, or you could give us a call. We’d love to chat about your situation. Whether we end up buying your house or not, we’re going to have a conversation, and we will try to give you the best information about your options. We don’t need to buy every house from everyone we speak to. We want the deal to work for you and for us, so at times, we may end up giving you advice that doesn’t involve selling to us. But if it ends up that we’re a good option, then great, we’d love to do a deal. So, visit us at

Thank you so much.

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