December 23, 2021

We bought this 9th Ward home in As Is condition

We buy houses in As Is condition all over New Orleans. We just recently picked up this 9th Ward Property. We bought the house all cash, in as is condition. In the video you can see our founder Aussie Steve walking the property and talking through the circumstances of the purchase. Watch the video or read the transcript below.

Video Transcript

I’m here at a house we closed yesterday. We’re in the 9th Ward of Orleans Parish. The seller had reached out to us with an intention to sell the house in as is condition. She has actually lived here for quite a long time, about 15 years. And her kids grew up here, so it was quite emotional for her to sell the property but she was moving the kids to Hammond. She thought it was better for them up there as they’ve grown up now and she wanted to make that move.

It’s not in the best condition, so it wasn’t really ready for a realtor. She reached out to us as she wanted to sell it for cash in as is condition. And we did.

I’ll show you the house. You can see the floors need to be worked on. This was how the house was left which was fine. We told the seller that there was no need to clean up the house. That’s part of the benefit of selling in as is condition because we know we’ve got to fix the house anyway, so there is no need to clean up the house for us. Ordinarily, when you sell a house, you have to clean everything up and that could be a lot of work. This makes moving hard for anyone. We’re comfortable with you leaving things behind.

The house wasn’t ready for a homeowner. If they wanted to sell this through a realtor, they would have had to fix the floor, replace the doors, paint, clean-up and have the place presentable to show it and take photos, and have people come inspect the property etc.

If they were to get a buyer from the MLS or a realtor, they would get under a contract, then they’re going to get inspections. And the house inspector is going to come, beat up the property, and they’re going to point out every little thing that’s wrong. They’re going to ask for a reduction or ask you to fix it because they’re buying a house that’s ready to move into. But for someone like us, we don’t do that because we buy in as is, so we accept it as it is. We are people that fix properties, we decide what we do. We don’t mind buying as is, in fact, we like buying in as is. If the house is fully done up and beautiful, we can’t really add value to it, so it’s better you sell such property to a homeowner.

We’re more after buying a house, fixing it, and adding value to it. We do flip them for new owners, and we also hold a lot of rentals. I haven’t actually made up my mind about what we want to do with this one, but I’m leaning towards fixing it up and turning into a rental property, and that’s probably what we’ll do. This is the first time we’ve been back here since we closed this property, so we’re just getting our plans together.

This is what we do. We buy houses in as is condition. So, if you have a house that you don’t want to clean up or fix up, you just want to sell it in as is condition, reach out to us. We move really quickly as a cash house buyer because we don’t need to go through those inspections, we don’t need the bank to do appraisals and go through the finance approval processes as that takes time.

With us, as soon as the title is cleared, we can close. Title will normally clear between 2 weeks to 30 days. But we’ve done quite a few in eight days. We were ready in seven days once, but the seller just couldn’t do it until the eighth day. With us, you can sell your house fast unless there’s some serious title defects that might take longer to resolve. And in the case of title defects, we’ve got great title attorneys that could help you out.

What you won’t get from us is a whole bunch of requests to repair the house. You won’t get the bank coming back saying no, it didn’t appraise so we can’t buy at an agreed price.

So, if you have a house you want to sell in as is, reach out to us. You can go to our website as well at We have a lot of video contents, articles, information and case studies about selling your house in as is conditions. So, by all means check it out.

Thanks guys

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