March 23, 2023

Home Buyer Louisiana Review – Hear what Lionel thought of the experience selling his house

We bought Lionel’s inherited house. It had been in the family for a long time but they decided it was time to sell the property and move on. The house was half renovated so wasn’t ready for a new home owner to buy. While Lionel and his brother had a construction background they just did not want to put the time, effort and money into rehabbing to the property. This is why they reached out to Home Buyer Louisiana to discuss selling the house in As Is condition.

We asked Lionel what was it like selling his house to Home Buyer Louisiana? You can watch the video of what he said or read the trascript below.

Video Transcript

“It was great. They were very understanding, answered all the questions. They did a great job answering all the questions, setting everything up. It was within 2 weeks that everything passed through. Picked up the check, we all signed and we are all happy. Everything was great.”

If you have a house you want to sell to a cash house buyer then reach out to us. We aren’t pushy and don’t need to buy every house so will always give you our thoughts on your selling options and what a cash offer would look like from us. If you like the offer we would love to buy your house but if it won’t work we will still wish you the best of luck with your property.

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Selling a half renovated property

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